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XM-HPL Strato Soft

XM .. XTreme(ly) MATT .. XTreme(ly) beautiful!

The requirement for the development of this innovative surface: to create a structure in HPL quality, but better than ever before. Thus, XM-HPL STRATO SOFT stands out due to its optic with an enormous colour transparency and depth that is unique so far – and a nice, warm, velvetly soft haptic.

Strato are laminar composites of papers and thermosetting synthetic resins, which are applied to carrier materials (MDF). Their surface made of matte, electron-beam-hardened acrylates with clean-touch properties enables a diverse decorative and functional design of table surfaces. Due to the clean-touch technology, fingerprint marks are very poorly visible. However, their life is increased by the use of cutting boards and coasters and when scouring counter stands (including certain pottery) not moved and spilled liquids are removed immediately clean.

Temperatures above 100 ° C should be avoided.

Chemical resistance
The Strato surface has good chemical resistance to most common substances and chemicals. The surface was tested with the reference substances acetone (16 h at 22 ° C), coffee (16 h at 80 ° C), sodium hydroxide (NaOH), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and shoe polish (10 min at 22 ° C).

The surfaces are not resistant to stronger acids (also descalers) and strong alkalis. Impurities with these substances should be removed within approx. 5 minutes and the surface should be neutralized with water.

For more information about HPL, see HPL Uni.