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durable protection

Varnished surfaces are treated with a rugged polyurethane lacquer, Resulting in a (partially) closed-pore finish. The varnish hardens the surface and protects it for the most part against spots of all types. The finish is also resistant to acids as well as alcohol and offers durable protection against water and solvents.


Varnished surfaces are delicate, sensitive to impacts and scratches and are therefore to be handled with utmost care.


Varnished surfaces are maintenance-free. No special care is necessary. The surface can be cleaned and maintained with warm water and a bit of washing-up liquid if necessary. In general, “less is more”! Make sure not to use any abrasive agents (such as Vif etc.). Ideally you should use a clean, damp cotton or microfibre cloth. Then dry off the surface using a soft, dry cloth.