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Individualism originating in nature.

As an upholstery material for our chairs and armchairs we offer high-quality leather in a variety of trendy colours.

Leather is an inimitable natural product which is made of animal hides and skins. Each skin that is tanned to leather has its own, lively grain with grown structures such as pores, grains and imperfections is a unique piece. Natural features are no errors and do therefore not reduce the quality of our leather in any way. Natural signs on the skin such as wrinkles, well healed up and beautifully grown scars, insect bites, warts, hair whorls or impacts of horns are a quality grade that prove that the material is real.

  • Genuine leather stretches with use and the creases that are thus formed create the individual character of your furniture and give it an agreable surface.
  • Every leather takes up the dye in its own individual way and various sections absorb it differently, which leads to attractive nuances in the colour.
  • The effect of too much heat can cause parts of the leather to dry out, lose their elasticity and become brittle, so keep it at least 40 cm from radiators.
  • Comme tout produit naturel, le cuir peut changer de teinte sous l’effet des rayons solaires. Il ne doit donc pas être exposé directement au soleil ou à une source lumineuse.


Both stylish and long-lasting, leather is a magnificent product. Leather is natural hide – and hide that is properly cared for stays looking good for far longer. We therefore recommend that you regularly treat your leather. Correct care and cleaning of leather removes traces of use, such as dirt, grease from hair and
perspiration. It moisturises the leather and provides it with substances that keep it in good condition.

To give the leather the necessary moisture, rub it down every 1-2 months with a clean, damp cloth. Do not use microfibre cloth as they have a strongly corrosive effect. Protect the leather from direct sunlight. Once or twice a year, treat the leather with an adequate leather care product which is available in specialised trades. Apply the care product on a covered spot first to see if it is compatible with the material.

It is unobjectionable to carry out basic cleaning with mild soap water (curd soap). Always remove stains with a clean cloth from the outside to the inside. Subsequently, clean the relevant area on a large-scale from seam to seam to avoid water marks. Afterwards, rinse with water on a large-scale as well. Never rub strongly - not even in case of persistent stains. Piece of furniture can only be used again when it is completely dry.

Denims, which are in common use and are extremely durable, are tough on all leathers. They are abrasive and their colour rubs off onto light materials, substantially shortening the life span of leather coverings. Such colour rubbed off onto light materials in particular cannot be removed.

Coffee, red wine and other liquids
Immediately absorb such liquids with a soft cloth, and wash right away over a large area with ample lukewarm water. It is virtually impossible to remove old stains which have been allowed to dry!

Alcohol stains
If alcohol or cola is spilt on the leather, quick action is necessary: Immediately dab up with a cloth and then dilute the liquid that has already been drawn into the leather with ample water, rubbing the stain with a wet foam.

Ballpoint pen
Immediately put mildly adhesive sticky tape on the ballpoint pen mark (ballpoint pen mark must not have dried and has to be removed immediately). Do not rub the sticky tape on. With a ballpoint pen, trace the mark on the leather over the sticky tape. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times. Remove the sticky tape and erase the remainder on the leather with a colourless eraser.

Special cleaning tips
Erase small soiled spots with a colourless, soft eraser. Then wash with lukewarm water.


Never use corrosive cleansers (dishwashing detergent, all-purpose cleaner etc.), as this will permanently damage the leather surface waterproofing/finish).

All of our leathers have the same properties and meet the same standards of quality listed below:

  • Base: Chrome-tanned cowhide, European raw material, imbued with aniline
  • Thickness: 1.0 –1,3 mm
  • Finish: Lightly polished, protected with pigment.
  • Properties: High-quality, durable upper leather with uniform surface structure, delightfully soft and smooth.
  • Special attributes:Natural properties such as mast pleats, veins, skin structure remain as evidence of its authen ticity. Colour and structural variations are unavoidable and evidence of real leather. These variations do not constitute grounds for reclamations.
  • Lightfastness: The lightfast factor of the leather is 4 (scale max. 5).