We go App and you make the design.

Your own dream your own design

Finally – welcome to your design studio! Digital high tech makes you a designer. Use the Willisau Switzerland App to create your very personal piece of designer furniture. Thanks to augmented-reality-technology, you can see it in your own home in the blink of an eye. Or in your future home: use the 3D showroom, to integrate your piece of furniture into the footprint.

Sounds ambitious? Yes we have invented the ne plus ultra for you in digital terms as well. The configurator reproduces texture and colour virtually in real and the 3D visualization is just perfect. Using the App is very simple – just download in the apple app store for the iPad or open it directly in the browser and get started.


Why? It uses augmented-reality-technology on iPad, which is why it is the latest and most progressive of its kind.

For you, this is an enormous advantage as your plans - both furniture and room - will be extremely realistic.

Perfectly simulated material textures. Almost 100% real illustration of configured pieces of furniture.

Amazing visualisation in your own space: check desired designs immediately, walking around the new piece of furniture and eying it up from all sides, even from various distances.

Highlight 3D showroom: drawing and filling of floor plans - in other words: being designer and architect at the same time. Drawing the current or intended floor plan, positioning of doors and windows, placing your own designs and adapting their dimensions.

You can rely on our planner: The new reality that iPad and the new web application able to show will impress you for sure.

Save your projects. Share your ideas across all devices with friends and colleagues using the share function. Export configured products as .obj-files for use in other planning and 3D programs.

In the coming weeks, the app will be completed with further product configurations. BETA. A start. We are proud of it.

Have fun with it. Here you can go directly to the web application and here to the app store.